About us

BLK TRADE specializes in building crypto products that are secure,
elegant and simple. Whether working with an individual or an institution,
BLK TRADE helps buy, sell, and store your bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

We ensure that the process of buying digital currencies
worldwide is a safe, fun and user-friendly experience.

We believe that the future of money is where the people control their
own economy—a future without middlemen, hidden fees, and fine print.
To deliver on that promise, we work hard every day to create the most
straightforward financial service out there – spoken in a language you
can understand and backed by customer service you can count on.

Our Vision

Product – Licensing – Security – Compliance

Your security and privacy are our top priority.
These essential values position BLK TRADE as an established
and reliable crypto exchange in the global Fintech industry,
trusted by users worldwide. BLK TRADE is committed to making
the crypto revolution happen. Sign up today and become part of
our mission in bringing greater choice, independence, and
opportunity to individuals worldwide.

Our Values


Transparency and honesty are essential to how we approach our
platform, customer service and our teamwork. We keep our word.


We value independence from centers of power, financial systems and
traditional working environments. We love that we can offer these to
our users and our team.


We respect freedom of speech and expression, ranging from our user experience on our platform to our team members.